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Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem, IVP Press

John Edmiston



By the end of this course the students shall have a firm grasp of the basic theological doctrines of the Christian faith and be able to articulate them in a systematic fashion.


A 15 week course (3 hrs per week) which covers most of the main Christian doctrines such as salvation, the nature of God, the Word of God, angels, demons etc.. The End Times is taught in other subjects so it is not covered here.


Systematic Theology Syllabus


Mid-Term (doc)

Mid-Term (pdf)

Final Exam (doc)

Final Exam (pdf)

Extra handouts

Prayer For Spiritual Cleansing (pdf format)

Lectures (PowerPoints)

Lecture 1 - Introduction, Word of God, Canon of Scripture

Lecture 2 - The Characteristics Of The Word

Lecture 3 - The Existence of God, Knowability, Names of God

Lecture 4 - The Incommunicable Attributes of God

Lecture 5 - The Communicable Attributes of God

Lecture 6 - The Trinity

Lecture 7 - Creation & Providence

Lecture 8 - Miracles, Angels, Demons, Satan

Lecture 9 - Humankind, Sin, Covenants

Lecture 10 - The Person of Christ

Lecture 11 - Atonement, Resurrection, Ascension

Lecture 12 - Offices of Christ, Holy Spirit, Spirit Baptism

Lecture 13 - From Sinner To Saint (Justification, Holiness)

Lecture 14 - The Life of Faith, Death, Glorification, Reward