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Downloads And Resources
Bible resources, Church History resources, Christian classics that you can download and read offline. Includes bibles, creeds, famous tracts, and books on prayer and the spiritual life.

Bible Resources
Greek New Testament (Nestle-Aland I think)
Naves Topical Bible
Visual Bible
King James Bible (text)
How To Have A Healing Ministry In Your Church
Spurgeon's Psalms of David
Old Testament Survey
Weymouth Bible
Luke's Gospel

Church History
A collection of famous Church History documents. I used them to help students interact with the original texts when I taught Church History. This is much better than just learning dates from a book - try it!

Early Church - Creeds & Controversies
Apostle's Creed
Documents from the Seven Ecumenical Councils
Creed of Chalcedon
Nicene Creed
Nicene Creed 381AD version
Gospel of Barnabas
Shepherd of Hermas
The Didache
Martyrdom of Polycarp
1 Clement
2 Clement
Athanasius On The Incarnation (C.S.Lewis)

Medieval & Mystical
Testament of St. Francis
Rule of St. Francis
St. Francis of Assisi - Prayers
Some Quotes from the Summa (Aquinas)
St John of The Cross (various writings)
William of Ockham
Ignatius Loyola - Exercises

Christian Classics
Blaise Pascal - Pensees
Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy
George Fox - Journal
William Booth - Darkest England
William Booth - Vision
Luther's Preface of Paul's Epistle To The Romans
Luther - 95 Theses
Luther - Christ Our Great High Priest
Luther - Threefold Righteousness
Luther - Parable Of The Sower
Jonathan Edwards - Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Jonathan Edwards - Treatise Of Religious Affections
William Carey - Enquiry
Hudson Taylor - Union and Communion
Spurgeon - All of Grace
Dostoevsky - Review
Alexander Solzhenistsyn - A world Split Apart
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream


Religion News, Humor, Links, General Items

Christian Computing

Christian Computing Magazines Links To TOP Christian Software On The Web

Christian Survival Kit For Christians Using The Internet
(covers spam, pornography, viruses, hoaxes, Internet cults etc)


South Western China

We organize mission visit trips to the unreached ethnic minorities of China. We assist missionaries and christians who have a heart for China ethnic minorities work.


For really helpful links try the
Serious Developments Website

Pneuma Foundation- good resources resources on charismatic renewal, Pentecostalism and the gifts of the Spirit.

Ethnic Harvest - The Bible In Many Languages

Anointed Links.Com - carefully selected quality Christian sites.

NeverThirsty - Helping you to know God more!
Weekly Bible and doctrine studies, discipleship, Bible questions and answers. Site features fulfilled
prophecies and historical evidence about Jesus Christ. Studies may be downloaded at no cost.

Christian Resources and Bible Study Tools

Christian Ebooks

Prayer And Devotional

Eternity - Daily Bible Study By Email
The AIBi's own free daily bible study

An extensive listing of free online daily devotionals - just browse through them and pick the one/s you want

Soul Food Daily Devotional
A really brief one-liner style daily devotional by Richard Altork.

Today's Word
a daily verse-by-verse study of God's Word,is now available as a free daily email. Written by Dr. Grant Richison,
former pastor and now interim CEO of Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada, this expository series offers over 2400 different studies. Each daily study expounds a passage, forms a principle out of that passage and shows how to live that principle
in your life.

Philippines Links
Filipino Links www.filipinolinks.com
Inquirer Newspaper

Christian Jokes
"Light Bulb Theology",
The Jokes On Us - March 1997
Jokes For October
6 Jokes
Has Technology Taken Over Your Life?

Other Unclassified Stuff
The Importance of Dust
Book Review - The Disappearance of Old Kal
In Defense Of Little Old Ladies... By Rowland Croucher
Patriotism By Rowland Croucher
Strings For Your Harp - The Bible
The Room - An Allegory
Religious Peace-Making A talk given to an Inter-Faith group that advises the President of the Philippines on religious matters.
The Stigmata
Gog and Magog An ebook containing seven brief informative studies on the Gog and Magog prophecy