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Missions: An Adventure in Faith

missions an adventure of faith
Fourteen bible studies on Missions optimized
for Sunday School and Home Groups.
Recommended Age Range: 16+, Adult Sunday School

For ease of printing, files are in PDF format.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it from here.

All the studies in a zip file ( 647 KB)

Individual Studies
Jonah – God’s Sovereign Call

Paul – The Message Of The Cross
Jesus – Incarnational Missions
Acts - Missions In The Power Of The Holy Spirit
Daniel – Wisdom In Missions
Titus – Appointing Leadership & Solving Problems
John – The Persecuted Church
Elijah – Confronting The Powers
Abraham – A Blessing To All Nations
Priscilla & Aquilla - Tent-Making
Ezekiel - Ministry to Migrants, Exiles & Refugees
Antioch - A Sending Church
Philemon – Missions Supporters
John Mark - The Restored Missionary
Cover Page
About The Author

Helpful Supplementary Material
Guidelines For Studying Missions: An Adventure In Faith
Glossary of Missions Terminology
PowerPoint - World Missions UpdateStatistics on World Missions