Biblical EQ - Emotional Intelligence For Christians


Biblical EQ: Develop Your Emotional Intelligence the Christian Way


Are you looking to improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) and become more successful in managing yourself, your relationships, and your negotiations? Look no further than Biblical EQ, the book that provides a solid biblical and theological basis for developing your emotional resonance with others!


Jesus Christ is used as the model for EQ, and the Holy Spirit is viewed as the inner power for personal emotional transformation. This combination of theory and practice covers a range of topics, from Jesus and our emotions to Christian social skills. You'll also learn about correcting your perceptions, the thoughts and intents of the heart, and emotions and our physiology.


Author John Edmiston is the CEO of Cybermissions and has been a field missionary, pastor, and seminary professor. He is an Australian who has lived and worked in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, and now resides in Virginia, USA. He is also the author of many ebooks on the Christian life.


You can buy the book, watch the videos, or even ask for John Edmiston to teach a Biblical EQ seminar at your church. Don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your EQ the Christian way.


There is both a print edition  and a Kindle edition available. The print edition is only $14 and the Kindle edition is $5.99


Recommendation: "Biblical EQ is an exceptionally clear description of Biblical principles and the dynamics of their operation in human life. The clarity of the writing and the grasp of Biblical truth is well above other books in this field. It is hard to think of a book of this modest size as being exhaustive, but it is." - John D. Carter Ph.D. (Psychologist, Author, and Professor)



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