Productive Ministry Volunteers

enthusiastic volunteers on mission for God


Would you like to see amazing productivity from your volunteers and volunteer ministry teams?


With this workshop and free e-book by John Edmiston you will learn:

 1.  How To Work Well With Volunteers - by maximizing their energy and direction!

 2.  Volunteer Ministry Teams - and the rules for getting them to function powerfully!

3.  How To Create Well-Defined Objectives For Volunteers - so they have laser focus!

4.  Structures, Sprints and Conversion Funnels - how to organize volunteers effectively!


Download the 22 -page ebook for free here (and get instant enlightenment on how to manage volunteers well!)


John Edmiston B.Sc. B.D. has over 30 years of experience in church and Christian non-profit leadership in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the USA and is the author of Biblical EQ, a book on emotional intelligence. John now lives in Virgina and you may contact him for a consultation on optimizing your volunteers.


Twitter: @Cybermissions 
Ph: +1-310-844-6948



John Edmiston, author and presenter