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The Vision For Cybermissions /GlobalChristians

“If a miracle occurred and I woke up one morning and Cybermissions became exactly as it should be, it would be:”

  1. Biblical, ethical, principled, well-administered, sound in the faith.
  2. Filled with prayer, faith and miracles and 100% God-dependent, relying on Him and giving Him all the glory!
  3. Changing people, churches and nations for good through online theological education and ministry training. Blessing many millions of Christians at all levels of life, using online, blended and face-to-face delivery systems, in multiple platforms and delivery methods, globally, biblically and giving all the glory to God.
  4. Strongly theologically and biblically grounded especially the team leaders and content creators. Theology is respected and worked on and is completely biblical, involving contextualization without compromise. There is continual reflection and application to new sectors.
  5. Having a strong focus on the developing world and those without opportunity for conventional forms of theological education and ministry training.
  6. Working on new ways to share the gospel in cyberspace and then sharing our methods and insights with others in Christian work so that God’s word goes forth with power. Multiplying ministries globally.
  7. A blessing to all who work for it and with it, nurturing and developing staff into the image of God and properly appreciating their service for God.  

Our Current Projects (April 2011)